Penn State Users: LEO Registration Instructions

New Penn State Users must register in LEO:

  1. Go to, click on the PSU Microsoft Login button, and follow the sign in process. This will create your LEO User Profile.
  2. Click on the "LEO Registration" button to be directed to the LEO Registration site.
  3. Complete the brief LEO Registration form to request billing account approval; click the Submit button.

Established LEO users (those who already have a User Profile in LEO) can continue to access LEO Registration anytime to request new/additional billing accounts.

External (Non-Penn State): Become a Customer

Becoming a Customer of the Penn State Core Facilities

When considering becoming a customer of our core facilities, it is always best to contact the core facility you intend to do business:

  • MRI Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL) - visit
  • MRI Nanofabrication Laboratory(Nanofab) - email
  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories (EESL) - visit
  • Laboratory of Isotopes and Metals int he Environment (LIME) - visit

Payment Methods for External (Non-Penn State) Customers

Only to be used AFTER you receive your monthly invoice

  1. Check made payable to: The Pennsylvania State University, 116 Transportation Research Building, University Park, PA 16802
  2. Credit Card: Send an email to to request a link to Hosted Payments. Do not send any Credit Card info via email. All payment info is entered on the site by the customer themselves.
  3. ACH/Bank Transfer: Please contact to request confidential bank transfer information.

For ALL LEO Users & Customers

Transaction and Validation

If you are an onsite operator (i.e., you enter labs and/or operate equipment), you are required to REVIEW AND VALIDATE EACH AND EVERY TRANSACTION THAT YOU GENERATE WITHIN 5 CALENDAR DAYS OF USAGE. Failure to validate your transactions will cause administrative burden on core facility staff and your advisor/supervisor; facility staff may contact you to address repeated failure of this responsibility.

Transactions that are reviewed and deemed incorrect can be contested and corrected via the LEO Contest feature wihtin 5 calendar days of usage.

Important Points

  • Login using your PSU access ID and password.
  • You must have a reservation in order to log into a tool.
  • Be respectful of fellow researchers when making reservations. Only reserve for what you need.
  • Use the facilities responsibly and safely.
  • Validate or contest your transactions immediately upon logging out or as soon as possible/within 5 calendar days.
  • Contact for assistance with registration, transaction corrections, or invoice discrepancies.


The LEO program was developed from the original NEMO program developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (